Plein Air Painting at Sapperton Landing on the Fraser River

So I thought I would kill two birds with one stone as I have SO many upcoming deadlines. I needed to get a few sample pieces painted for my demo at Opus Coquitlam this Saturday, Painting on the Fly. I also need to get a few more paintings done of the Fraser River for a project that I am working on with the lovely and talented Melissa Burgher. Plus I really just wanted to get out and be near the water after a super busy week and weekend. I can’t go too long without being near the water or I start to get antsy!

So, all these things made for a great excuse to go plein air painting at the Fraser River! I have been checking out spots over the past few months as I drive by but have not had the time to get out and paint. So today I checked out a few of the spots I had eyed and settled on Sapperton Landing. It has a dock right on the water and zero distractions….other than birds and boats. I have seen the dock from the road above many times but had not idea how to get there. Well after a few wrong turns, I found out how to get there and plan to do several sessions in the area as there is a park along the water with tons of little areas to set up and paint, all offering a different view of the river.

My outdoor studio….such a great set up!